Welcome to the Bloom Van website. Bloom Van was born in Denver Colorado in conjunction with BinTech LLC and Pineapple Promotions to bring the sound to you! Bloom Van was to make its debut at the Sonic Bloom festival in Colorado with the Pineapple Promotions Renegade Stage. Sonic Bloom 2020 was sadly canceled due to the COVID19 pandemic as well as the Arise festival. We still plan to bring the sound in 2021 after completing the van!
Bloom Van is currently equip with 600W of solar panels with the ability of adding 600W of solar externally as well. It also has 400Ah of battery capacity with a shore power hookup as well for maintaining the batteries when not in use. The van is capable of running a full production stage with sound, lights, and computer equipment for 12 hours without having to charge. It also only takes about 6 hours of sunlight to charge the banks back up during the day. We have also implemented a 12V to 24V step up transformer for emergency charging from the alternator in the event we somehow drain the battery banks completely. The battery banks consist of 2 sets of 200Ah batteries ran in a 24V series parallel configuration into 2 separate 3000W AC power inverters. It also has a Raspberry Pi and a few Arduino controllers installed that control the GPS and SMS tracking, battery bank status tracking and camera system control. We plan to add a lot more to the system including a business radio repeater, air conditioner and heater, as well as a few game consoles for downtime.
If you would like to see the current progress you can go to the Progress page. If you want to see what we still need to install you can go to the To Do List. If you would like to donate to the Bloom Van project you can donate in a few ways which is better explained on the Donate page. Please also be sure to go to our Affiliate page to see who has been helping us through this journey. Thanks to everyone who has donated and helped us get this far!